Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ducks in the Pond CS 264

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I love this song.  And last spring when I taught this to my primary kids, they learned it in about 5 minutes and they loved it, too!  Visuals for this song are really easy, you can do pictures or props.  I did pictures so they would file away easily.   Here is the PDF with the pictures I used.  (Me being an Oregon Duck fan, I did bring my quacking duck-bill shaped noise maker once, just to demonstrate what a happy duck song is.  All in the name of science, right?  It was hilarious.  But don't do that, it was crazy, not that you have a duck call anyway!  or do you?)

Ducks in the pond quack a hap-py song (picture of a duck)
Mother hens cackle the whole day long (hen with chicks)
Birds in their nests (picture of bird or nest)
And wind in the treetops (picture of trees)
All join in singing a hap-py song!

Oh, how fun to teach them the word "cackle!"

I would bring out this song mid-singing time, just as a break.  Or at the beginning as a wiggle song.  And by wiggle I mean sit still and sing big.  I would challenge them (especially on cloudy Sundays) by telling them that if they sang big enough, spring would come!  I lucked out one week, because we sang it at the beginning of primary and by the end the sun was starting to shine.  They thought they were magic!

Happy Spring!

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  1. oh my goodness sakes alive! I just found your blog and was just made primary chorister in January, and truthfully it was helpful blogs like this one that calmed my nerves and made me know everything would be ok. I don't know this song and I grew up in Eugene, OR and have been a duck fan my entire life so much so that I married a duck football player hehehe anyway. GO DUCKS and thanks for all the great suggestions!

  2. What a small world! It's been a long time since I've lived in Eugene, but I'm sure we know a lot of the same people!


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