Saturday, December 1, 2012

Program Premier

I know you have the 2013 program outline.  I also know you've poured over it, studied it, made notes in it, planned all of the songs you're going to use for the alternate months, and even found a few extra songs that will make your program the best EVER.  

Theater program and ticketsWait.  No?  You haven't?  Well, some of you have, and some of you haven't.  But in any case, you're probably aware of the songs for next year.  Here is a fun way to introduce the songs to your primary to get them excited.

Step 1, done several weeks in advance (which is why I'm posting this now):  Recruit some adult and youth singing combos.  Assign them each a song from the program and ask them to learn it.  They can harmonize, split parts, do whatever - but the song should be the primary version (not a choral version or something way different than the kids will sing).  Are you catching on?  Yep, you're putting on a concert for the kids.  Oh, Brittney, I just got chills.  I know, right?!

Step 2, done in enough time to be completed with minimal carpal tunnel symptoms:  Print enough tickets for each child and teacher in your primary.  (you will need to download the Word document in order to edit it.  It looks weird in the GoogleDocs preview, but once it's downloaded it looks normal.  Email me if you have problems) There are 8 to a page.  Make sure to change the following information on EACH TICKET in the template:  add your ward number or name, change the date and time.  Cut them out and have them ready to hand out to each class or child.

Step 3:  Hand each child a ticket to the event. You will need to analyze your schedule and figure out the best way to handle this.  In our primary, the way it's currently structured, the Junior and Senior kids all go to class together in the second hour and then go to sharing/singing time in the third hour.  In this case, I would go around to all of the classes and hand each child a ticket, saying that there is a special event happening in primary today and the can only get in with a ticket.  Adjust the schedule with the presidency so that singing time can go first, without the opening ceremonies.  Have ushers (the presidency) show children to their seats.  Blink the lights a couple of times when the show is about to begin.  You could even pass out a program, if you want.  As the emcee of the event, you tell what you're doing, which is introducing the primary program songs for the new year.  Invite the children to smile but not clap when each performance is over.

Step 4a:  Initiate musical sequence.  Have each musical group come into the primary room and perform their song.

Step 5:  Intermission.  Treats, maybe?  A wiggle song?  A set change?  I don't know, you tell me!

Step 4b:  Resume musical sequence.

Step 6:  Thank the musicians, and express to the children how excited you are to learn these awesome songs!  Aren't they excited, too?!

Step 7:  Turn the time over to Sister So-and-so for sharing time.  Your work here is done.  Bravo!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! What a great idea! I think I'll take the beginning to introduce concert etiquette as well. I tried the link for tickets, but it's asking me to request access from you. Can you change the settings so anyone with the link can access? Thanks!

  2. Melissa,
    Sorry about that! I changed that for you :)

  3. Totally doing this. got a whole ton of volunteers today to sing. The whole ward seems excited about it!!! Thanks for being a GENIUS!!!!!

    1. Oh, I'm so glad! Let me know how it goes...I love to hear reviews :)

  4. LOVE this idea, and even though I am doing a little later than suggested (the second week in Jan.), I am super excited!!! I have already downloaded and edited the ticket document. Thanks so much!!!!!!!!

  5. Totally love this and am so excited the kids will love it!!!!!! I know it!

  6. Thank you so much for this awesome idea! I held our premier last Sunday and everyone involved had a blast! I think all of the adults were excited to come to primary for a change and everyone enjoyed "Do as I'm doing" during intermission. Oh yeah, and I think the kids enjoyed it too! So grateful to you for sharing all of your awesomeness!

  7. We had our premiere today and it was so absolutely breathtakingly spiritual, I cannot begin to describe it. Thank you so very much for this truly inspired idea. I truly am grateful for all the hard work and incredible ideas you share with this blog!


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