Monday, February 18, 2013

How Can I Help You?

I love this blog.  I have so much fun posting ideas (sorry I haven't been posting a lot lately...the class I'm taking right now is KILLING me!), getting emails and comments from you, and helping where I can.  I have a few posts in the queue, but I thought I would just ask the general question...

"How can I help you?"

What are you struggling with?  Is there a question about the calling that you can't find the answer to?  Are you just burned out and need some inspiration?  Schedules?  Games?  Presidencies?  Props?  Specific songs?  Do you want a flipchart for something?  Something printable to make your life easier?  More than anything, I want this blog to actually be helpful.  So PLEASE leave a comment and I'll work on some posts that will hopefully be helpful to you.  I promise - if you're wondering about something, someone else is too!  So, let me know how I can help!  I love you guys!

Ok, folks...I have gotten a great response from this post!  I have gotten lots of comments and emails, and I've formed a list of posts that I'm currently working on to address your questions.  Here is what I've come up with.  Of course, if you think of something else make sure to let me know!  This list can get longer, trust me!  So stay tuned over the next few days and weeks!

-How to make an effective flip chart
-Flip chart for "Joseph Smith's First Prayer"
-Singing Time Routine - how to structure a successful singing time (this will include several posts)
               -Using games
               -What to do, when, and for how long
               -Filling time
               -Going into nursery
               -how much time on new songs
-Keeping the kids interested - especially Juniors!  And what to do if you're losing them
-Motivation - yours and theirs.  Getting over the "hump" and re-energizing.
-Reusable printables and moving away from flip charts (hey, some people like them, others don't)
-How to teach a song
-Planning ahead
-Ideas for teaching Books in the Bible/Book of Mormon, Prophets, and AofF songs
-Ideas for teaching "If the Savior Stood Beside Me"

Do you see something that might help you?  I hope so!  My gears are in overdrive over here, and I'm excited to share a few things with you!
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  1. I'm at a loss for how to teach "If the Savior Stood Beside Me" next month. Hard one to use props and pictures. I've run out of creative ideas! Things to keep in mind: we have a combined Primary (no junior/senior) and we have some deaf children, so it needs to be strictly visual. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    1. I used something like this last year for our primary. It's a rebus chart with pictures representing actual words in the song.

  2. Ideas for teaching songs like Books in the Book of Mormon, Books in the Bible, Latter-Day Prophets, and Articles of Faith to JUNIORS!

  3. Thank you for your blog. It has been so helpful. My BIG junior primary is getting pretty crazy so I need some easy games or activities that they can do since they can't read or write. Thank you for your sharing your creativity!

  4. Whenever I get on the facebook primary page, they're always talking about future things such as Mothers day, Fathers day, Easter, etc etc. Is it necessary to plan that far ahead? If you're not teaching a new song? I plan 1-2 weeks only. Am I just a disorganized mess? Should I be thinking about those already?

  5. I would love a post on how to teach a song. I am a newly called chorister and being a college-age convert to the church I never experienced primary as a child. I'm just not sure how to teach a song from the beginning .....thanks!

  6. Printables!! I find flipcharts usually use a lot of colored printer ink (unless they are black and white and I can color them), and my cartridges run out quick after having to do one for each new song the kids learn! Games would be great! I need inspiration for sure. I find I'm always playing "hotter colder" with the kids or rolling the die for different ways to sing songs. I'm a new follower so I can't wait to browse through everything you have here. It's soooo great to have people like you who can help us who aren't so creative! Thanks so much!

  7. Hi Brittney, thanks for taking the time to keep your blog going and being willing to help so much! I've just been called to be the chorister and am having a hard time with structuring singing time. When do you do what? What elements does a successful singing time include? Should you do a game every time? How much time should I spend on a new song each week? Is the jr. primary capable of learning all the verses to these songs? Thanks in advance!

  8. I am really struggling with my Junior Primary. I have had this calling for going on six years now and I have never had such trouble engaging the junior primary. I think I just need some fresh ideas of things that really work for that age group. Thanks for offering to help.

  9. Wow what an awesome post and just what I needed! I am still pretty new to this calling and am feeling a little inadequate because I have no musical background whatsoever. I have a few questions and maybe I can find the answers if I search your blog. What are some things that you do during singing time when you're not teaching the children a new song? What do you do when sr. primary is uninterested in what you're doing? How do I get sr. primary to sing louder? What do you do when the kids are starting to get out of control (especially the new sunbeams)? And lastly, what do you do to fill time if the president asks to take up more time because the person in charge of sharing time hasn't arrived? I hope I did not overwhelm you! I am just getting nervous that I am running out of things to do and I don't want to be repetitive or boring. Thank you for this awesome post! I hope to be as helpful as you someday!

  10. So many of the flipcharts available on line have beautiful pictures or illustrations but the words are typed in such a small font that I can't imagine how people can read them past the fist row or two. My Primary is huge, which I love, but in the future if you do any flipcharts please make the font bigger. I love your ideas and can always use more game ideas or ideas for teaching new songs. Thanks for your help.

  11. I try to use flip charts for the song of the month...but I don't like all of the words on my flipcharts, just some key words/phrases. Also I love the colorful and cartoon-ish pictures, like from the Friend, but when I try and only use "real" pictures of Christ. So I often use a cartoon picture and just tape a pass-along size card of Christ over the cartoon picture of him. Anyhow, yes, I would love help with visuals for the songs of the month with keywords! Love the blog! I am new as of January and my primary LOVED the Heads, shoulders, knees and toes that I used from your blog! Thanks

  12. Brittney,

    As one of the few Male Primary Choristers, I'm very grateful for your blog. It's helped me out many times.

    I want to teach my kids "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" aka "Oh How Lovely Was The Morning" from the Hymn book. I haven't found any flipcharts that could help me do this.

    Would you one or teach me how to?



    1. Peter,
      I would love to do a flip chart for you :) How many verses do you want? If I don't hear from you, I'll start with just the first one and you can let me know if want the others. I also have a post coming with some instructions on creating your own, just in case you come across another song that you want to teach that doesn't already have one! And I LOVE it when there are Priesthood holders teaching primary music - what better example can you be setting?! Thanks for all you do!

    2. Hi Brittney,

      I'm just wondering if you did a flipchart on Joseph Smith's First Prayer. I'd love to get a copy if you did. I'm teaching the 1st and 4th verses.


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