Saturday, February 19, 2011

Follow the Prophet - More Verses

We are a little ahead of schedule on learning our songs, so I've decided to spend some time tomorrow learning some of the Book of Mormon verses of Follow the Prophet.  Here are the ones we're going to learn, although we won't get to them all tomorrow:

Lehi was a prophet, sailed across the sea
From Jerusalem the Lord told him to flee
Coming off the boat he knelt down in the sand
Thanked the Lord for leading them to the promised land.

Nephi was a prophet, he chose to obey
All of the commandments that the Lord did say.
Nephi was courageous, valiant and true
What the Lord commanded, he would go and do.

Samuel the prophet was a Lamanite
Called to teach the Nephites and bring them gospel light
Prophesied that Christ in five years would be born
"Repent or be destroyed," are the things that Samuel warned.

Joseph Smith the prophet, He restored the truth
He found the Book of Mormon while still in his youth
He faced persecution, endured until the end
Served the Lord and now God says, "Well done my faithful friend."

Pres'dent Monson is our prophet, he teaches us through God
To follow the commandments and hold the iron rod
We watch at General Conference; the words he speaks are true
And even through we're little, there's so much we can do!

The last verse I actually got at the Pat Graham workshop that was held back in January.  Brother Stephen Garrard from the Stansbury Park Utah Stake was there and while we were on the subject of "Follow the Prophet," he stood and sang this verse that he and his primary wrote.  I loved it, and actually chased him out of the room to ask him to write it down for me!  I know, sometimes I throw dignity completely out the window.  When he sang the last phrase (there's so much we can do), he pounded his fist in the air.  Even though it was just him singing it, I imagined all of my primary kids putting their fists in the air, and uniting together for the truth.  It was a neat thought, and I'm really excited to teach my kids that verse.  So a very special THANK-YOU to Bro. Garrard and the Millpond Ward Primary!

Here is the link to the Follow the Prophet Signs for these verses. 

I'm curious - what other verses does your primary sing?  With the church so generously allowing us to pen our own verses, I'm always curious to hear what ones you've found or come up with.  So please share them!  And if you'd like a sign for a different prophet, please leave a comment and I'll make one up.

I'd really love to hear your ideas, so please leave a comment :o)

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  1. We did the following verse for President Monson:

    Thomas Spencer Monson, Prophet of Today,
    He's a true example of our Saviors way.
    When we make decisions we will choose the right -
    by following the prophet with all our strength and might.

    Fun ideas! Thanks!


  2. The Prophets are our leaders, Sent to guide the church. Through the Holy Spirit, we will all learn much.


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