Monday, September 20, 2010

Helpful Hint #1

Taking inspiration from this post at The Children Sing, I made a board like hers for a review activity.  The reason I wanted to post it is to share a hint that might be helpful to you as you make visual aids like this one.  I went to and found full sheet labels and printed all of my songs and pictures on those.  It was SO easy - no glue sticks, no spray adhesive (which I like for big things, but for small pieces it's a nightmare) - just peel and stick.  Anyway, I've used them in a lot of the visuals that I've made and found them to be a real time and effort saver.  Besides my laminator, they are the best investment I've made since getting this calling.  Hope that helps!

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  1. Brilliant!! Thanks for the tip! I'm excited to find your blog and plan to follow!

  2. I've been meaning to make this visual aide which I also saw on The Children Sing. But I was overwhelmed with the amount of work (or amount of time) it would take. Your idea would cut some time for sure. Thanks for the tip!


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