Saturday, January 29, 2011

If this was an action...what would it be?

This game is fun for a review activity or for wiggle songs.  To get the kids creative juices flowing, post several pictures on the board of random symbols.  I have use keyboard symbols, but you could use any symbol or picture that could represent a body movement.  Ask the kids, "If this was an action, what would it be?"  Once an action has been assigned to the symbols (you may want to write down the action next to the picture), post the sequence cards in order of difficulty.  The difficulty may be different every time, depending on if you want them to choose different actions each time you play. 

Practice a couple of times, and then do the actions along with the song you are working on.  For the most part, these are like "hand jives."  They are good for rythm, counting the beat, movement - just let the kids imaginations go!

The full sheet is an example of the symbols that I use.  The top right could be "Clap, Snap, Clap, Snap..."  The one under that could be "Pat (lap), Clap, Snap, Clap."  The bottom one could be "Turn...2...Clap...Jump."  (The 2 would be the second count in a 4-count measure).  The bottom left could be "Clap, Snap, Groove Left, Groove Right."  See?  Fun!  You can come up with a million different sequences and make them easy or challenging.  And it's a SUPER easy activity that can fill up the entire singing time.  Try it!
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  1. I like it, Brittney. This one is going on my list! Movement is so important in singing time and this is a great way to get the kids moving to the beat of any song. Thanks for this idea.

  2. Thanks so much!! Brilliant idea :)

  3. This is so fun!!! Love how it'll get their brain going.


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