Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Favorite Singing Time...Ever

I was talking with a friend today, and telling her how much I love this calling.  She said, "It sounds like fun, but SO MUCH WORK!"  And she is right!  We do put a lot of time and effort into this calling.  But as we laughed about it, I thought about a very simple singing time that I had during Christmas that became guessed it...favorite singing time ever!

I had a singing time planned (a top 10 of 2010 game), but a few things happened that led to some last minute inspiration.  Junior primary ran out of time and so we didn't have singing time.  But in Senior, we had the full 20 minutes.  So I had all of the kids gather around the piano and we sat on the floor in a circle.  I explained to them that one of my favorite things as a child was to sit next to my sister while she played the piano and I sang songs.  I shared with them how singing always brought the Spirit into our home.  So we passed out hymn books and we sang all of the kids' favorite Christmas carols.  They were so reverent, and it really felt like I was sitting around the piano with 20 of my own little children.  It was sweet, simple, and meaningful for all of us.

As I relayed this experience, I was reminded of how grateful I am for the blessings that come with this calling, and for the gift and power of the Spirit to guide us in the direction of the Savior.  It is a choice blessing to be able to share my testimony with my little children each week, even if it is a LOT OF WORK! 

Lesson of the day?  Follow the promptings of the Spirit - they will never steer you in the wrong direction!  And, simple is good...very good!

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  1. I love this. I've seen some AMAZING primary choristers at work, and what makes them so inspiring is simplicity and their testimonies borne in the Spirit. I'm really working on simplifying and being "present", really truly engaged with the kids, because for me, all the bells and whistles distract ME from being clear-minded enough to bear testimony of the principles in the songs. Thanks for sharing!


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