Sunday, January 23, 2011

Listen, Listen

Here is the one-page "flipchart" for this song, along with a few pictures on how it works!  It's pretty simple, but it gets the point across in a really fun way and doesn't take up a lot of room, which is a real plus.  I keep in in a plastic sleeve in my Sunday Binder and use it as a visual even though most of the kids know it.  It's just a good way to include a few of those ever-willing volunteers by having them come up and slide the numbers and open the question mark. 

Step 1: 
Print out the PDF of Listen, Listen on cardstock or heavy paper.  There are 3 pages
Step 2: 
On the first page, cut along the dotted vertical lines and around the question mark, leaving it attached enough to fold it over.
Step 3: 
Cut out the numbers on the third page, straight across the page (this leaves enough room on either side to pull the slip out and move it back in again).
Step 4: 
Insert the number sheet into the slits.
 Step 6: 
Glue the top page onto the compass page, making sure not to glue the flap of the question mark or the area where the numbers slide in and out.

As you sing, move the number out each time you sing the word "Listen."  Open the flap when you get to "He will guide you..."
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