Saturday, January 22, 2011

Odd Balls

 This is an activity that can be used in several different ways.  I made it to be pretty generic, but mostly I use it to sing songs that we don't know very well (or at all) or just don't sing very often.  The balls are numbered 1-6, and I always have a master list of songs that we work off of.  Depending on the day and what visuals I have with me, I just number the songs accordingly for the pianist.  All of these songs have very simple visuals - either a one-page "flipchart" or a few small props or popsicle stick signs.  Most of them have a one-pager with something extra - I'll post them one at a time with directions on how I put them together.  (that sounds very will make more sense when you see pictures!)  I sewed a simple drawstring bag and then decorated it with felt letters, just to make it fun to look at. 

If you make this, it can be used to review program songs, choose fun ways to sing, or just about any ol' thing you can think up.  I love things that are versatile! 
How would you use Odd Balls?
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  1. This is such a cute idea! Great for review, thanks :)


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