Friday, January 21, 2011

Must Have...The Sunday Binder

Most of you probably have some way of keeping yourselves organized - and keeping primary junk things organized can be a real chore!  To eliminate the Sunday-morning-scramble to gather all of my things, I had to get everything together in a binder, cuz that's the kind of girl I am.  Here is how I've got my binder organized, and a few of the things that I feel are important to have at my fingertips!

The front sleeve is where I keep my Sunday Music Schedule, a visual reminder to actually fill it out each week!

In the front, I keep the weekly singing schedules and a copy of the current program for reference.

Tab #1:  Sheet Music
For all of the loose-leaf songs that I collect.  I always hole punch them so that the pages face each other, then I don't have to turn pages back and forth.

Tab #2:  Song Lists
Do you keep track of the songs your primary knows?  This list was so valuable to me when I was called as chorister, and I keep updating it as we learn more songs.  It's a great way to keep track of how long it's been since you've sung certain songs, so you remember to keep things fresh.

Tab #3:  Directories
First is the class list, with teachers, children, and classroom numbers.  Behind that is the directory for our primary workers, so I have their phone numbers and email addresses handy.  Behind that is a ward list.  You just never know when you'll need it!

Tab #4:  Primary Program
Here is where I keep a running list of the songs I'd like to have prepared for the program.  This way I can tweak things as the year goes on without doing a lot of searching (or remembering).  I also keep the program script here so I can follow along during the actual program.

Tab #5:  Schedule.  Ours changes sometimes, so I keep the current one here so I know where I need to be and when.

Tab #6:  Ideas
I write things down as I hear about them, read about them, or see them in other wards.  When I need to refer back, they're all together and not just stuck in piles on my desk.

Tab #7:  Meetings
For agendas, presidency meeting notes, and notes from training meetings.

Tab #8:  Teaching Tools
This is where I keep all of my oft-used visual aids.  Follow the Prophet, Do As I'm Doing, color sticks, Fun Ways to Sing...they're all in there plus more.  I don't have to remember to bring them, and they're there when I'm in a pinch with 5 minutes left in singing time.  Nothing like being prepared!

So that's that! Pretty simple!

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  1. I have a binder similar to this, but you've got some great ideas I think I'll implement. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Me too! I am an organize guru. It is a huge help. My philosophy is that the more organized you are, the lazier you can be. That way you're not always trying to scramble to find things, remember things, or find yourself doing the same things more than once.

    Thanks for your input & info. I find it very useful:)

  3. This was a great post. Thanks! I'm the Primary Pres. and in our ward, the Primary Presidency takes turns teaching Singing Time each month. My own President Binder is organized, but I've been meaning to make a binder for the Primary Closet that we can use to keep track of things that we, the presidency, can take advantage of. So, again, thanks! This will be really helpful in making a binder for our music stuff.

  4. This is genius! I'm a dude primary chorister and have a little A.D.D. so you can imagine how much this will help me!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for keeping it simple and teaching - "simple" to someone that doesn't have "common sense"!

  5. My Primary President did the most fabulous thing for me when I was out of town the week after she was called (and a whopping 6 weeks after I started) because I men one of my biggest hang ups was not knowing what songs the kids knew. (I had been there only a few months after years of being in YSA wards.)
    She photocopied the index of the songbook, played Name That Tune, and highlighted all the ones they knew. Accessible, easy to use, and easy to add songs as we learn them! There's even some blank space on the left hand side of the page to write down titles of songs not in the songbook. I wish I had thought of it my first week!


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