Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Anyone from St. George?

Spring break is next week, and (I'm so excited!!) our family will be heading down to St. George, UT on Saturday.  I'm wondering if any of you live in St. George and would welcome a visitor in your primary!  I LOVE visiting other wards and seeing how things are done.  So, just leave a comment and let me know when/where your ward meets, and we'll try to make it.

We'll see how this goes over!
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  1. I'm from St. George. You can visit my primary any time you want. Our ward meets at 11 am at 1080 W Arlington St in Washington.

  2. what a great idea. IM FROM ST GEORGE...kinda. lol i too love to visit other wards but have never thought of doing it in my own town. i am up in Dammeron Vally but meet in Diamond Valley, may seem like a trek, but oh' we <3 our primary! email me and i'll give you directions! i wanna come join you too! what a fun idea.


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