Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sing-A-Story - Joseph Smith

Several days ago, I read this post by Kathleen at The Children Sing.  Her posts ALWAYS inspire me, and this one was no exception.  It has been on my mind all week!  With all of the focus on Joseph Smith during these past weeks in primary, I decided to follow Kathleen's example and create a "Sing-A-Story" for Joseph Smith.  I thought it would be a nice way to end this month, and something I can pull out again in June (martyrdom), July (pioneer day), April (organization of the church) get the point!  I have uploaded two different versions for you - one has songs listed, the other does not.  This is so you can plug in whatever songs your primary knows.  So, thank you Kathleen for this wonderful idea.  I have a feeling I will be coming up with many Sing-A-Stories!

Since it is meant to read like a book, print the odd pages and then the even pages.  If you want to save on ink, just print the words and add in your own pictures from the Gospel Art Kit or from your church magazines.

Sing-A-Story - Joseph Smith (with songs)

Sing-A-Story - Joseph Smith (without songs)

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  1. You are so awesome to put this together & share it! I will definitely put all your hard work to good use. Thank you:)

  2. Ah, Brittney, I'm so glad my post was helpful, but yours is even more so since you put it together completely. What a sweetheart you are. Thanks for such a nice download.

  3. Brittney you are wonderful! I've used your beautiful site more than once......I really want to use this Joseph Smith sing-a-story but I cant open either link (sing-a-story with or w/o songs) can you help????

    1. Rebecca,
      I just fixed the links, but if it still doesn't work, just send me an email and I'll give you the PDF. Thanks!


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