Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Choosing Tree

This project is a work in progress, since I currently have no color ink to print this poster.  So I apologize for the less than stellar picture of the tree graphic.  (A dual apology for the lousy picture of the Jeopardy headings, given aforementioned lack of ink)

I love having options of choosing helpers and songs.  Every kid wants a turn, and every song review can be spiced up by turning into a 10-layer ice cream cone, building a hamburger, filling a jar with jelly beans, etc.

Here is the tree (here is the download of the tree):

And on this tree you can put popcorn or apples.  I am working on some other things, and will post them as they finish.

You can label the popcorn and apples with each child's name, and draw them out of a jar/can/etc.  Then stick them to the tree, and pretty soon your tree will be full of children who've already had a turn.  When the tree is full, use a different seasonal graphic (apples for fall, popcorn for spring, etc.)

Hints on the tree:
This graphic is actually formatted to print on 8 pages as a poster.  I intend on sticking it to a posterboard and laminating it, then laminating the little graphics so I can use them over and over again.  Here is how I think you can get it to print in the 8-page format and not on one single sheet of paper.  If you can't get it to print from Google Docs, send me an email or leave a comment and I can email you the PDF and you can try printing directly from that.

OK, here is what you can try:
Once you have downloaded the PDF, click File > Print
Under the printer settings, see if you have a function called Page Scaling
If you do, select "tile all pages"
This should convert it back to the 8-page format

I hope you can get it to work!
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  1. I just found your blog. Thanks for all the great ideas! Come visit mine if you have a minute!

  2. Cute tree graphic! would you mind sending me the pdf?


  3. Hi my name is Jaime could you send me the pdf please?


  4. I love your tree and your page (Thanks for all the ideas!) . . .but, I couldn't get the printer to print it right so could you please send me the pdf too?


  5. Could I get the pdf as well? Love your blog! Thanks! Laura Stewart


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