Saturday, September 24, 2011

Feel the Music - Round 2

Last year, in preparation for the primary program, I came up with an idea called "Feel the Music."  I won't go into a ton of detail on the purpose of the game here, but to read all of the details click on this link for the original post.

The gist of it was to feel an object and guess what it was just by feeling it.  I made a board with holes to put hands through so you can't see what you're holding.  We used that singing time to focus on the feelings that music gives us, and how we as a primary can bring the Spirit through our songs and that people's testimonies can be strengthened when they feel the Spirit - including ours!

This year I came up with a new way to use the same game - get the same point across but with a different twist.  I always like to change things up!  Here's the idea, that I came across on a homeschooling blog called Teach Beside Me, which belongs to Karyn (who also follows this blog - hi, Karyn - thanks for the awesome idea!!).  Fill balloons with textured items, 2 balloons for each thing - I used beads, beans, rice, cotton balls, sugar, oats, and rocks.  Put them in a bowl or two, and have the child find the two that match.  Follow the rest of the game, or come up with your own spin.  Either way - it was a very cool singing time, and the Spirit was very strong.   Try it...see how it makes you...feel!

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