Monday, September 20, 2010

Feel the Music

Thankfully the chorister before me had already taught almost all of the fourteen (eep!) songs we are singing for our program, so I have really been able to spend most of our singing time reviewing and perfecting the songs.  I wanted the children to really understand the meaning of some of the songs we're singing, because they are such beautiful testimonies - so I thought of this way to relate physical feeling to spiritual feeling.

The Props:
  • I took a piece of foam-core and cut out 2 holes, then covered them with felt flaps.  I just printed the lettering and picture and used spray adhesive to stick them to the poster.
  • I took our list of songs and found an object that relates to it.  For example:
      • I Know That My Savior Loves Me = heart
      • He Sent His Son = envelope
      • Follow the Prophet = Friend magazine
      • Come Follow Me = fishing net
      • I Hope They Call Me on a Mission = missionary tag
The Game:
  • I picked a child to come up to the front and put their hands through the holes.  I put an object in their hand and they they had to guess what it was just by the feel of it.  Some of them were harder than others, so sometimes they guessed it right away.  Other times I had them describe what they felt and the other kids could help them guess.  In Junior Primary once they guessed it, we sang the song that it represented.  In Senior Primary, once they had guessed what the object was, I gave them the scripture reference that inspired the song, and we looked up and read them together.  Once we read the scripture, I had them guess what song the object and scripture related to and then sing it.  At the end of each song, I asked them how that song made them feel.  
The Point:
  • I explained that our songs can help ourselves and others feel the spirit, and that each song we sing was inspired by our scriptures and the words of the Savior.  By understanding and feeling the true meaning of what we are singing, we can help others feel the spirit as we share our testimonies through music.
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  1. Just wanted to say how much I LOVE this idea! I am a brand-new chorister and I have been thinking about how to explain to the kids why the primary program is important, and how it can make us feel. This is perfect! Thanks so much for the great idea!

  2. Question for ya, how did you get your board to stand up? Did you make a frame for it or did you just hold it? You're are so wonderful my board is almost done! Thank you!

    1. I just held it up. I kept the objects in a drawstring bag, so I could choose which object/song we did next. Have fun!

  3. Brittney! I'm 19 and just got called to be the Jr. primary chorister. I have no idea what I'm doing and I really was starting to panic! I wanted to help the kids learn that their Savior truly loves them so much, but I was starting to worry because I didn't know how to talk or connect with them. I haven't done any lessons yet (I start tomorrow actually) but I just found your blog and this is such a comfort! Your blog has calmed me down, brought me peace and helped me realize that there are ways to connect to them. I can't tell you how much that means to me. Thank you, Thank you, THANK you!! It's a blessing to know there are people like you who are so helpful and sweet. Thank you again for all your ideas and taking the time to do this. <3 <3


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