Friday, December 30, 2011

What to do with a Bingo game...Part 1

I'm obsessed with primary.  I admit it.  Everywhere I go, I am thinking of ways I can use random household objects, junk in checkout lines, junk at the $1 store, old containers, craft supplies, dryer lint.  You know how it is.  If you don't, don't judge me!  I'm a freak!

Last night I was doing yet another closet cleanout when I came across a Bingo game that I forgot we had.  Of course, my addictive primary-brain began thinking of ways to use this game as a primary prop.  Oooh, I thought of so many things!  So, for fun, I thought I'd share them with you.  (Since you're clearly obsessed with primary, too, since you're reading this blog in the first place!)

Bingo Game Idea #1

Choosing Helpers
-Assign each child a bingo number (B7, N22, etc.)
-Roll your cage (or draw out of a bag, however your game works), and whatever number you draw, that's your helper.

Want to use your Bingo game to teach a song?  Yep, that post is coming.  I'm still formulating that one though, so stay tuned!

Ooohh - just barely thought of something else.  You could even make a big Bingo card out of posterboard.  And each time you draw a helper's number, if that number is on the Bingo card you can put a mark on the card.  If the primary gets a Bingo, have a special song or treat.  Rotate the cards so every number is represented, or go for 2 rows, X, 4 corners, blackout, etc.

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  1. I already love you! Thank you so much! I just found your blog, and I wish I could be this creative. If anyone's like me, we need you to always be obsessed! Thank you so much, you're so up to date;)

  2. ME here, just called and not creative at all, but thank to you and some few others who take the time to share your special gift truly help us, thank you!


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