Monday, June 11, 2012

To Grandpa, From Little One

I've been thinking about Father's Day next week, and remembered a poem I wrote for my dad shortly after my son was born.  It was a very special time, and I wanted my dad to know how much I loved and appreciated his example and leadership in my life.  I found the poem recently, and I thought I'd share it with you.  I know it's not primary-related, but I feel like I should post it anyway, I don't know why.  So here goes...

There have been quiet moments
When Grandpa holds me tight,
And tells me that he loves me
And kisses me goodnight.

But there are other moments
I don't think he understands
When I look into his Grandpa eyes
And see another man.

I see he talks with kindness
And loves his family
Just like someone from long ago
That lived in Galilee.

My Grandpa tries his hardest
To be honest, true, and good.
To be a good example,
Like Priesthood holders should.

He guides our growing family
With wisdom and with love.
He counsels those he cares for most
With guidance from above.

He works amazing miracles,
Healing sick - the blind can see.
When he lays his hands upon our heads
And blesses you and me.

He has a way about him
That calms a troubled soul.
His words are wise and chosen
As he helps define our role.

Now it may seem that I am young
And haven't seen much yet.
But though I'm small I see it all
Through eyes still innocent.

I'm proud to bear the name
Of two righteous sons of God,
My grandpa and my Brother
And follow the steps they trod.

For God so loved the world,
He sent His Son so great.
In hopes that his example
We would try and emulate.

And since it's been a short time
Since I walked and talked with Him,
I recognize this righteous man
And love and honor him.

So, Grandpa, when you hold me
And catch my quiet glance,
Remember, your grandson see His image
In your countenance.

A very sincere Happy Father's Day to all of the wonderful men in our lives and the lives of our children.

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