Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Church Bag Iron-On Printable

Right about the time I got released, I had created a subway-style thing-a-ma-jig to put on a canvas church bag.  I never did get around to actually doing it, but I found it today when I was cleaning out my files (in a vain attempt to clean out the primary stuff...nothing got thrown away...at all!).

I thought it would be fun to print this on iron-transfer paper and put it on a church bag.  But you could use it as a binder cover, frame it like a picture, or just about anything you want, I guess.

How are things going out there in Primary Musicland, anyway?  I sure miss it.  Primary choristers really do have all the fun :)

Here is the PDF...click on it - it's really better than the picture up there, I promise.  Darn cell phone camera.  I never did profess to be a good photographer...

Don't be strangers, ya hear?

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  1. so cute!! Thanks for keeping up with this even though you were released. You've been such a huge help!

  2. Oh Brittney, I've only been enjoying your brillant ideas and blog for around 8 months but I miss you a lot already. You have made my first ever calling as primary chorister a fun and exciting one. As I look through your helpful hints, activities, props, and flip charts, I want to do it all. You amaze me with being able to keep up with all of this and have a life too, which I'm sure is as busy as mine. I'm really grateful for you!

  3. I have appreciated the good ideas! Prmiary choristor is such a fun calling. I try to make it especailly fun for the older ones as they are easily bored. I try to put in music facts for them with different songs, like teaching time signature, how to lead a 3/4 or 4/4 song, what is the difference between a minor song and a major song. One thing ours like to do is solos. I challenged them to have the courage at some point to sing a solo on a verse or chorus of a song in front of primary. My gola is to be able to assign different solos for some of our primary numbers for the presentation. I was surprised when they jumped at the chance. Now once a month we can have solo week and we have time for about thre or so to do it. Sometimes i bring flavored water in a spray bottle for good strong singers. when they are doing such a good job I ask if they need a little spray for their throats. they love it!

  4. I love this and think it would be a great gift for our newly called chorister!!! Thanks for the idea!!


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