Friday, April 20, 2012

How Would You Use...Kitchen Edition

I've talked to a couple of newly called choristers, seen some threads on the Yahoo group, and received a couple of emails - all with questions and concerns about the expense of props/games/flip charts/visual aides for singing time.  YES.  This calling can get complicated and expensive if you let it.  But you can also use things you have around the house to teach lyrics, principles, and also to have a lot of fun.  What I've come to learn, however, is that some people experience a wee shortage of creativity, especially when under pressure.  
So, to help get your creative juices flowing, I am going to let you think of the ideas this time.  I shared a similar thought a while back with the Bingo Game.  You can find a fun way to use just about everything!  Now we will go together on a journey throughout our homes to find free, ink-less, creative ways to entertain your primary kids.

We'll start in the kitchen.  The heart of the home!  (I'll do different posts for each part of the home - today let's stick with the kitchen!)

How would you use paper cups/plates?
How would you use straws?
How would you use an oven mitt?
How would you use utensils?
How would you use cookbooks?
How would you use a cookie sheet?

What else inspires you in your kitchen?  Please share your comments - I promise there are music leaders out there (worldwide) that would love and appreciate your thoughts.  I can't wait to see what you come up with!!

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  1. Cups! Last week I used 3 paper cups and a cotton ball. We sang our song through once all the way (it has 3 verses). I watched the children and when we were done I chose a child who I felt was really trying hard to sing and I had him come up front. I put the cotton ball under of the cups (that were all turned upside down), then I told him to watch carefully while I mixed them all around and he had to tell me where the cotton ball was. If he was right he got to take one of my word strips down from one of the verses. Then we sang just that verse with the missing words and I watched again for the best singers. And so on!! It was amazing! I had boys singing that usually won't sing. Simple is better!! ;)

  2. I recently used 3 cups with an object under one that represented a song. Then while the pianist played a little tune I switched the cups around carnival style. I went slow for the jr primary but tried to trick Sr and go fast. They always chose the right cup though. They really had fun and kept focus so it didn't get out of control. I don't think I've used any of the other stuff so far but the first thing I thought of was minute to win it games. Like blowing a balloon across the room with a straw. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow!

  3. We use paper plates(I prefer the mini) often: they keep hands busy and minds concentrating. Use them to make patterns to the music. I hope I can explain this: hold them like you would hold a can slide them back and forth against each them in a circle...cross over you body tapping one on each shoulder...wiggle them like a snake from top to bottom or side to side...Just decide a pattern put it on the board and have them try to follow it as you "sing" your song over and over...they don't even realize they are practicing the song...

  4. I'd let them sing into the cup in a way that their voice sounded really deep...

    Cookbooks, maybe hide messages on small post-it notes inside... song hints that had vaguely to do with the recipe on the page... or let them substitute words of their choice out of the song for something in there...

    The wearer of the oven mitt posessed the power to stop the pianist perhaps... leaving the kids to sing a capella or to stop also...


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