Friday, April 13, 2012

April Showers - Song Review

Oh, boy, when they say April showers they mean it!  I LOVE the month of April, and love the rain that we've been having here in my corner of Utah.  The clouds and gray and cozy sound of rain remind me of Oregon (where I grew up).  So with that inspiration, I came up with this little crafty cutie.

Don't worry, non-crafters - you don't need any special supplies or skill.  This one is super simple!  30 minutes, just give me 30 minutes...

5 pieces of white paper
staples (yes, I assume that your stapler is almost empty just like mine was)
Maybe tape
a few kinds of spring colored paper (construction, scrapbook)
black marker, if you decide to draw a face
Maybe some laminating sheets

-Using 2 of the white pieces of paper together, cut out a cloud shape.  You can draw it out or freehand it, depending on your level of OCD.
-Staple or tape a long string to one piece of the top of the cloud - this is what it will hang from
-Put the second side of the cloud on top of the first
-Staple around the edges about 1/4" from the edge - but not on the bottom...yet
-Staple or tape 5 pieces of string of varying lengths to the inside of one side of the cloud bottom
-Crinkle up the 3 remaining white papers and shove them inside to give the cloud a 3D effect.
-Staple the bottom together, stapling over the string attachments for extra strength.  After all, these are kids we're making this for.
-Tie a paper clip to the bottom of each string.
-Cut several rain drops out of your spring-y paper.  If you want, you can laminate them for durability.  I would make several extra so you can add them in once another one is removed.  That way you can sing more songs.
-Paper clip the rain drops to the strings.
-Maybe draw a friendly face on your cloud (I know I probably shouldn't have drawn a face on an inanimate object, but it was just too cute!  You can do whatever you feel is best)
-Using the long string on the top, tie it to a long dowel or other stick.  Or you can just attach it to your board.

Using it:
-Write song names/page numbers on the back of the raindrops.
-If you've put it on a dowel, "hover" it over the kids' heads and hang it in -front of a reverent child to choose the next song.
-Another thing to do if it's on a dowel - use it as a singing motivator.  The better they sing, the closer you can move it to the ceiling or something like that.
-This would also be a GREAT activity to do in nursery - I can see it now!

See?  That's it!  Have fun, and enjoy whatever weather spring brings!

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  1. did this today and the kids loved it! Cute, fun idea!

  2. Fabulous idea I used it a couple of weeks ago! Thank you for sharing all your fun idea's! If you would like to see my rendition (not quite as cute!) you can check it out here.


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