Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bean Bag Toss - Updated

I posted this idea many moons ago, and as it usually goes, time has tempered my zeal and I have come up with a new, easy, reusable version of the Beanbag Toss.  Here is the original post if you want all the details.

In the first version, I printed and cut out and pasted song titles and little stickers.  Ahh, the overachiever in me is cheering right now!  Then, the other day as I was cleaning out my poster files, I saw that beauty and thought to myself, "How pretty!  That poster will get me on the general board for sure!  But, those are the program songs from 2010!  When would I ever be able to use it again?"

My beautiful poster is now in the garbage.

So here is another solution that can be changed and adapted as you go along...get a posterboard, trace various sized circles in different colors.  Laminate.  Use a dry or wet erase marker to write in song titles that you would like to review.  When you're done, have moved on, or have learned new songs to add to the review, just erase it and change it.

Yep.  Simple is good.  So much better than the over-the-top, complicated ideas of yester-year.  OK, to be fair to my old self, I don't think many of the things I did were overly elaborate, but still...

Simple is very good.

Do you like the picture of my computer screen?  Since I don't actually have this calling anymore, I'm just  cataloguing my ideas so that if...I mean when...the opportunity arises again, I will be ready!  In the meantime, I don't need more stuff piling up!  My primary closet is already FULL!

Have a great week!!
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  1. I love this! But instead of writing in the circles, I would just use 8 colors for the circles...each color is for a different song! No need to erase, etc


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