Monday, September 27, 2010

Name That Tune - Basketball

I was out of town until Saturday night, which meant that I put absolutely no thought into primary until about midnight on Saturday.  That left me scrambling to come up with something fun that took no preparation!  Enter the Name That Tune concept.  I decided to bring in the basketball angle when I saw a little hamper that I bought a while ago and haven't used, and I'm trying desperately to keep the attention of the boys so it seemed like a good idea.

The Props:

Hamper (this one just hung from the microphone over the pulpit, and it has a wide mouth so that was nice)
Point markers (click here to print the ones that I made)
Masking tape

The Game:

I laminated the point markers and set them out as follows:  at about 10 feet from the basket, I put the "Your Choice" marker.  Then a couple of feet in from that I put the 5 notes, then 4, then 2 was right by the basket.  Adjust the distances according to junior and senior primary.  **I should have used masking tape to stick the signs to the ground, because they kept inching closer to the basket as we went - I wonder how that happened?!**  I chose a reverent child to come up and they got to start from the Your Choice marker.  If they got the basket they got to pick the song.  If they didn't, they moved closer to the 5 Notes marker.  They moved closer until they got a basket.

The Point:

The further away the basket, the more notes you got to guess the song.  The closer you got, the harder it would be to guess.  We added notes sometimes, just to get the ball rolling, but for the most part they guessed the songs pretty quickly.  In senior primary I had the pianist play notes from the middle of the song or the chorus just to get them thinking.  We got through about 6 of our 14 program songs, so it wasn't too bad, and the kids had a really good time cheering each other on.  All in all, a low-stress success!

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