Monday, September 27, 2010

Need Help!

A couple of years ago, my sister was called as the secretary in the primary.  She noticed during her roll rounds that there were a lot of kids in the hallways and teachers escorting kids to and from various places and not having a lot of quality time in the classroom.  She came up with the **brilliant** idea of making signs that could be laminated and kept in the roll folder that teachers could slide under the door when they needed something.  She called me, and we came up with these signs.  When she noticed a sign under the door, she was able to take a kid potty, grab extra chalk, take a child to the parents - whatever was needed in order for the teacher to be able to stay in the classroom and not disrupt the class. 

I know it's not exactly music stuff, but if your ward suffers from the hall problem, it might be helpful to you!

Here is the link to the signs that we made.  Can you think of any other reasons that a child would need to leave the classroom?  Let me know!

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