Sunday, December 23, 2012

Phoning Home

Twice a year, our missionaries get to call home.  For those of us who have had a son, brother, daughter, sister, parents, or grandparents on missions, it is a particularly special event!  I, personally, am thrilled to be able to talk to my little bro in a few days!  I have to chastise him for not responding to my emails, so he'll be glad to hear the earful that he'll be getting from me!  We also have a pair of elders living with my parents up the street from us.  We LOVE the missionaries being so close and such a part of our family.  It makes it so much easier to have my brother away!  They are so excited to talk to their families in California and Texas - they just light up when they talk about it!  Anyways, here's a quick idea for you...

L-R:  Elder "Brother", Elder M, Elder O
of the Vina del Mar, Chile Mission
Click Here to print out the PDF with different phones and such.  Cut them out and laminate them, if you think you need to.  Cutting is not optional, laminating is optional.  Just to clarify.

For the songs, choose a few topics that you would call home about.  Here are some examples, of course you would change the names to be the names of Elders/Sisters that are serving from your branch/ward/stake.

Elder Boss (my brother) would call home to talk about missionary work.  Sing a song about missionary work.
Elder State-Side might call home to ask about the family.  Sing a song about families.
Sister Spanish-Speaking might call home to share an experience about the Holy Ghost.  Sing a song about the Holy Ghost.
Elder and Sister Grandparent might call home to tell about a time they shared their testimony.  Sing a song about testimony.
Brother Service-Mission might call home to encourage us to serve more.  Sing a song about service.
Sister Genealogy might call home to bear her testimony of temple work.  Sing a song about temples.
President Mission-Home might call home to say Merry Christmas!  Sing a Christmas Song.
Elder Mama's Boy might call home to say Happy Mother's Day!  Sing a song about your mom!

Get it?  Super easy, super fun, and a great way to encourage the primary kids to correspond with the missionaries that are serving in and from your area.  They won't be able to talk on the phone with them, unless they have someone in their family, but they can share their testimony and special experiences, nonetheless.  I love that word.  Nonetheless.  It's right up there with heretofore and inasmuch.  Good times.  Ha!

For those of you with missionaries out, I hope that the internet connection is reliable, the phone card doesn't eat your minutes, and that the phone number you got in the email is actually a real phone number!  I know that the Lord is with our growing army of missionaries.  The church is true!!

What else would you call home about? 
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  1. I always love looking at your blog and today when I looked at the picture of the missionaries I was so surprised to see Jake! (Elder Oberg) He is my nephew and we went to hear him speak last sunday. It is funny how we are all connected in some way or another. Thanks for your cute blog and ideas.

    1. That is amazing! It really is a small world. Elder Oberg is my brother's "grandpa," his trainer's trainer. I'm glad to hear he got home safely :) Best of luck to him now that he's home!

  2. Following you. Love all of your ideas!


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