Friday, January 18, 2013

Simmer Down...Idea #2

Have you ever noticed that when you try to do something fun, the kids go psycho?  I mean, here you are, trying to carry out your best laid plans and they are acting like it's Halloween, or Christmas Eve, or even worse...Easter.  Seriously!  What is the deal, people?!  For those of you that are nodding your head right now, this is an idea that works REALLY well, but I have to warn you in advance - you will either come across as serious but playful, or totally cruel and conniving.  It all depends on how you play it :)

Print a picture and cut it into 4 squares.  Here is one that I put together, just in case you don't want to have to find one.  It's a bird.  A song-bird.  OK, it doesn't matter what the picture is of, it could be a smiley face or a picture from the Gospel Art Kit.  Just pick a picture and cut it in 4.

Put the picture pieces all together on the chalkboard or bulletin board.  If you have a magnetic board, I would put some magnet strips on the back if I were you, but that's just me.  Here comes the scary part...

Tell the kids that you are going to do something really fun today.  Explain your game or activity, and then let them know that you will require their FULL attention and participation.  If things get out of hand, you are going to take down a piece of the picture.  If they lose all the pieces, then the game is over.

If it was me, I'd be super stealth about taking down the pieces.  I like them to be a little bit afraid of me...I'm pretty intimidating (ok, not really...)  I'd be all, "What is going on?  You're losing pieces and you don't even realize it!  You need to be WAAAAAAYYYYY better/quieter/reverenter so you don't lose any more!"  Then I would threaten them by really slowly reaching for the next piece and then looking over my shoulder with an "are you watching this?  It's awful!" kind of look on my face.  By the time you actually reach it, you'll here the ssshhh's coming from all over the room from kids that are desperately trying to be good!

So, yes - potentially quite formidable.  But actually quite adorable.

What happens if you run out of pieces?  1.  You can continue to sing the songs and they can earn the pieces back by singing their best.  2.  You just put the game away and tell them you'll try again next week, so they have a week to prepare to come to primary in reverence mode.

If you are having a reverence problem, try this out!  Let us all know how you played the game, and what works for you!
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  1. I love this idea!!! Our Primary is always out of control! I never continue a game until it gets quiet, but now they will have consequences for their continued irreverence! thanks!

  2. This is a great idea! Especially for those days when you know it's gonna be mad house in primary!

  3. So awesome, thank you! I've been thinking all week about the reverence problem we had last week in Jr. Primary. The presidency & I couldn't figure out why they were so rambunctious. I have a reverence mouse, but I wasn't sure just how to put something together for tomorrow. So I totally appreciate your idea here!!! Thanks!



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