Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Brand New Batch...

The new year is schedule, new songs, and new kids!!  Looking for a fun way to introduce the songs?  the kids?  the teachers?  Whip up a batch of delicious chocolate chip cookies (or other kind of cookie.  I personally can't make good chocolate chip cookies to save my life, so my go-to are peanut butter.  But then there's allergies.  Oreos?  Gluten-free oatmeal raisin?  Bah, you get the idea.) and then have fun with your brand new batch!

In Junior Primary, you have a brand new batch of Sunbeams.  Spend the day spotlighting each of them, sing their favorite primary songs, sing lots of wiggle songs and ones they learned in nursery.  Use props, dance, do whatever it takes for them to be comfortable in their new surroundings.

In Senior Primary, you have a brand new batch of Baptized Boys & Girls.  Sing baptism songs, talk about the baptismal covenant, have a mini-testimony meeting, you know - big kid stuff, the kind of stuff they didn't do in Junior Primary.

You may also have a brand new batch of Teachers.  Sing their favorite primary songs, interview them about when they were in primary, ask them what they are most excited about, or give a "New Teacher Orientation."  To do this, have a list of "rules" that you've come up with that are legit, but with a silly twist.  Such as teachers must sit in the big chair.  Then have a very tall teacher come to the front of the room and sit in a Sunbeam chair - doesn't Brother So-and-so look silly and uncomfortable?  Who sits in the big chair?  Brother So-and-so does!  Teehee!  Or, when the kids stand up the teachers should stand up too.  Then practice.  This will be very specific to your primary, so think very hard about what you expect from the teachers during singing time and use the fun activity to help them understand and break the ice at the same time.

Of course, you always have a brand new batch of Songs.  (I don't know how to color that one, when I think of music I think of black and white.  So there you go.)  See the post titled "Program Premier" for a fun idea on how to introduce this year's theme and songs.

At the end of primary, send each child home with a cookie (of any variety, as previously discussed).  Smile, gird your loins, and go home to eat the cookie dough you stashed in the back of the fridge.  If you forgot this step, well, sorry.  Happy New Year, anyway!

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  1. How super cute!!!! I LOVE this idea! Thanks!!!
    And by the way, search for "Alton Brown, 3 types of chocolate chip cookies" which directs you the "Chips for Sister Marsha" episode and pick "The Thin" recipe.
    b e s t
    r e c i p e
    E V E R !!!!!!
    (And if you've never heard of him, search him out on Youtube - best educational chef ever!!!)

  2. I love this idea, I'm going to use it this year with a small twist! I'll have my ingredients that have songs on the back and we will add each ingrediant as we are singing a fun new song. But to help my 19 NEW NURSERY KIDS come in, I'm giving them all a paper egg to help keep warm... my new batch of cookies needs warm eggs to help them cook. (Then we can remind them throughout primary when they jump up to help keep the egg warm!) At the end they will throw their eggs in my bowl, we will mix up my special ingredients and take it to my magic oven to make a new batch of cookies!! Thanks for the inspiration!


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