Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Divertidas Maneras de Cantar - En Espanol!

I got an email last week from Sister Amy Hunt, Primary President of the Chula Vista, California Stake.  She told me that their stake has 2 newly formed Spanish-speaking wards, and that it would be nice to have some of the things on my blog available in Spanish.  This being a BRILLIANT idea, I asked her for help in translating a few phrases, and next thing you know, hemos creado una obra maestra (we've created a masterpiece!)

So here are the "Fun Ways to Sing" cards, in Spanish.  If you live in an area where there are Spanish-speaking wards or branches, please forward them on to their primary presidencies.  I hope to be able to offer more Spanish-language items, and am grateful to Sis. Hunt for her help in creating these cards.


Divertidas Maneras de Cantar - Grupo 1

Divertidas Maneras de Cantar - Grupo 2

Divertidas Maneras de Cantar - Grupo 3

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  1. I'm from Spain and I love your ideas, but this stuff you have in spanish is terrific! Thanks a lot! I always had to translate everything I like!
    Thanks a lot and keep on the good job!

  2. Muichas Gracias soy de Honduras y me encanta que tengan material en español :)

  3. thank you i love your work Evergreen primaria


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