Sunday, September 4, 2011

So I'm the Primary Chorister...What do I Need?

This is another question that comes up every now and then.  What do I need?  Where do I start?  The short answer is don't really need anything but love and a smile.  And possibly a songbook.  But for those of us who need a few more "things" to make us happy, I've put together a list of the things that I always have in my binder/bag.  With these few items, you can build entire singing times, fill in a few extra minutes, calm down a crazy crowd, rile up a drowsy crowd, and basically keep yourself from going crazy because you have just about everything you need.  So here is the list - as always, I love your comments!  What do you find indispensable?  Here are a few things that you might consider adding to your primary bag...(and a little goose chase, just for fun!)

1.  Masking tape.

2.  Magnets.

3.  Fun Ways to Sing Cards.  Look here, here, and here.

4.  Do As I'm Doing/Fun to Do Cards.  Look here.

5.  Mystery Word sign.  For details on this, go here.  Easy, easy singing time.

6.  Topic Cubes.  For details and the printable, see this post.

7.  Balloons and a pin.  In a pinch, write just about anything on a slip of paper and put it in the balloon for the kids to pop.  Instant success.  Perfect for subs.

8.  Outline for your pianist, laminated.  Print the one I created here, or create your own.

9.  Wet-erase markers, and if you have a white board have dry-erase markers.  Use the wet-erase markers to write on the back of visual aids and your pianist schedule.  Little hands won't smear them, and they are pretty permanent until you take a wet paper towel to it.

10.  A beanbag, small stuffed animal, or laminated musical note.  Use this item to play hot/cold - another super easy way to review a song and really pound it into memory.

So there you have it.  My top 10 items on the must-have list for primary choristers.

What can you NOT LIVE WITHOUT?

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  1. Here is an idea from Sonia, that I received by email...

    I keep a few "opposites" signs on popscicle sticks and they work great in a pinch. Stop & Go signs (sing when it's go, don't sing, but piano keeps playing when it's stop). Lion & Mouse (loud and soft). Boy & Girl (can hold up one at a time or both). Standing girl and chair (stand up, sit down). Kangaroo & fish (stacatto & leggato). The kids hold them up, but we have to remind them to count to 5 before they switch.

  2. I was just called as the primary chorister, and this is so helpful, thank you!


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