Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Survey - Please Respond!

At the beginning of the year, I posted my annual schedule in this post.  I hope that some of you were able to use this calendar in your planning, and that it's been helpful to you.  I'm working on the 2012 schedule now that the outline is available, and need to know a few things from other people who might use it.

So, what do you think would be the best order to put the songs?  Each primary is so different, and we all include different things and in different orders.  Here are the things that I thought of - please let me know which of the following would be the most important, and in what order would you prefer them?  I will try my best to make a schedule that will fit everyone's needs, but of course as with 2011 I will be more than happy to customize it to your primary.  My hope is to have the new schedule published within the next week, so please give your feedback!  Thanks to all of you who make primary (and blogging about it) so fun!

Article of Faith:
Singing Time:
Any other special requests that I didn't think of?
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  1. We do a baptism song the Sunday after stake baptisms (or after a child gets baptized). Our opening song and closing songs are both reverence songs so I don't have a separate reverence song. In our primary we do: wiggle (as they come in), opening/reverence, welcome, birthday, (baptism), singing time, closing. I can adapt yours easily enough. Thanks for all your great ideas!!

  2. Opening/Reverent
    Welcome Visitors
    Birthdays/Baptisms/12 year old goodbye
    Singing Time

  3. I loved your schedule, (as did my pianist and presidency) it saved my behind more times than you can imagine. Thank you so much for sharing your hard work. I'm looking forward to seeing your upcoming schedule.

  4. Golly, i'm just seeing your schedule. It looks so fun! Here's what I do, but your schedule already looks very flexible as long as it is in the right format. Thank you for sharing!

    This is what I have been trying this year in our primary (after I found out that besides opening song, they were putting all the bday, baptism, visitor songs all together at the beginning of music time.) I personally wouldn't choose to do it that way, but that's how the new presidency wanted to do it, so that's fine. We make it work. Anyway... this is the schedule order we follow:

    -Prelude songs(2)a wiggle then a reverent song as the kids are coming in and getting seated
    - Opening:
    Then in singing time-
    -Birthday: (once a month)
    -Baptism: (as needed)
    -Singing Time:

  5. That is so smart! I should start doing this for next year. Thanks for the idea.


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